Top 10 CPAP Using States


Get-Your-Insurance-CheckedAmerica is the land of the free and the home of the brave! 50 beautiful states each unique with it’s own natural beauty. The population of the U.S. is enormous in size and Americans (or “Merican’s”) are very proud individuals fortunate to be living in a land founded on democracy. Over 300 million people live in our great country, and it is estimated that a whopping 19 million (roughly 6%) have some form of sleep apnea. This is a big number if you consider that only California, Texas, New York and Florida have state populations greater than 19 million. In honor of sleep apnea in the U.S. we’ve put together a list of the top 10 states that are the most populous in terms of people use CPAP therapy.




CPAP-RX-OnlineTexas is known for the larger things in life. From Willie Nelson’s rejuvenation of country music, to Friday night lights to Jerry Jones’ questionable decisions running “America’s team,” – the Dallas Cowboys, to SXSW, one of the biggest Music festivals in the country… Texas has a lot to offer. It is also the country’s most overweight state, which makes sense since it’s home of the world’s largest steak – The Big Texan. Located in Amarillo, the Steakhouse, also called “The Big Texan” offers a whopping 72 ounce steak. Eat this bad boy and you’ll get your picture on the wall with the rest of the victorious savage carnivorous warriors. A variety of Texas delicacies have contributed to its number one spot in the US CPAP state rankings. Luckily, Easy Breathe has Texans back because if one of their CPAP machines breaks, Easy Breathe’s CPAP RX Package will get them a prescription for a CPAP in less than 24 hours!




Easy-Sleep-Apnea-Test-PackageInteresting to see California so high on the list, especially if you’re basing your knowledge of sleep apnea on popular belief, which suggests it has a major correlation with obesity. Californian’s care about their image and live healthy lifestyles compared to a majority of the other states. This is why you’ll find the most Whole Foods, Bristol Farms and other health food grocers in the state of California, particularly Los Angeles, home of the red carpet. Population certainly plays a role here, that and the fact that California is also the birthplace of both In-N-Out Burger and McDonald’s. Cali also has one of the largest fashion districts in the world, so in honor of fashion, CPAP users living in the Golden State should sport the all new sexy Airfit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask to bed tonight.




Resmed-Online-StoreComing in at number 3 is the state home to arguably the best oranges and most beautiful beaches in the country. What else do they have a lot of, you ask? Well, old people, old people and more old people. Retirement communities populate most of Fort Lauderdale and other pockets of this sunny East Coast state. All in all, this state is chocked full of old birds and migratory birds… worms beware! Bird or not, there’s nothing like sipping on some OJ while lounging by the pool wearing the Wisp Nasal Mask, resting up to go play the back nine.




Respironics-Online-StoreNew York is known to be the center of the Universe. As the saying goes, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” This is due to the fast-paced way of life in the “city that never sleeps”. Speaking of fast – if you need a new CPAP or your CPAP breaks you can get a CPAP Prescription in less than 24 hours with the CPAP RX Package. …Or if you want to get tested in for sleep apnea at home – it can take less than a week with the Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package! Sure, maybe it’s not in a New York minute, but hey at least you won’t have to miss the next Yankees day game spending the day at the doctor’s office.




Home to some of the best southern cooking, drinking and some great college football, Georgia offers a variety of indulgences. Not too long since this state suffered a heavy snow storm, thousands were stranded outside of their homes and forced to sleep in places like grocery stores. Traveling with the all new Z1 CPAP Machine is easier than ever, as it’s a hand held unit. Who knows when or where you’ll fall asleep in Georgia.




Another state making the list that’s known for its food, North Carolina is home of ole fashioned Carolina barbeque. The locals are said to be big sports fans, as they are the home of two college basketball powerhouses in the NCAA, the University of North Carolina and Duke. An S9 Autoset with a Tar Heel or Blue Devil can be quite controversial if one of your neighbors is an opposing fan and sees that in your house – are you a true fan or not?!




Home to both deep dish pizza and the Chicago Cubs, it’s no surprise people in Chicago spend some sleepless nights wondering when the 106 year drought will end and the Cubs will claim another World Series. After spending an afternoon at Wrigley eating a slice and drinking some beers with your friends, talking about “Da Bears” and how “no player in the history of basketball will be as good as Michael Jordan”, you can sit back on your couch and nod off watching one of your home town stars, Oprah Winfrey on the boob tube. The people of Illinois should use the Quattro Air to look fresh while sporting their Air Jordan apparel.




This state took a pretty big financial hit in 2010 when LeBron James went on television for his famous “Decision”. How bad exactly? Cleveland has been on the list of US’s poorest cities since 2003. That decision assured that list would not change anytime soon. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of the only tourist spots the city has left. Lucky for them Easy Breathe offers the lowest priced CPAP’s, masks, supplies and services such as the CPAP RX and Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package. We’re here to help – so use one of Easy Breathe’s payment plan options to get a good night’s rest with an S9 and a mask of your choice! #Clevelandrocks!




Some of the most popular metropolitan cities are located in the state that competes heavily in all sports in an unending battle for east coast supremacy. Philadelphian’s will tell you that the Phillies are better than the Yanks and Mets, the Flyers are on the rise and the Eagles will “win the Super Bowl this year” whether or not they put together a decent roster. There hasn’t been much 76er’s pride since Allen Iverson “The Answer” retired. You can enjoy a world famous Philly Cheese Steak and talk sports and sleep apnea with their great fans and listen to their world famous sports talk radio shows. It would be hard to talk about the state of Pennsylvania without mentioning the FX comedy “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” so we’ll raise the question here: Should Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) be using a CPAP? Ummm no doubt… get yourself the Mirage Quattro, pal!




Easy Breathe’s favorite NFL stars and Superbowl Champions, Percy Harvin and Red Bryant who struggle with sleep apnea were key ingredients for the Seattle Seahawks’ claim to the Lombardi Trophy. Washington is a beautiful state and home to Olympic and Mount Rainier National Parks. Filled with culture, Seattle is its largest metropolitan city, which is known for its art scene, one of the largest in North America. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is only a 3 hour drive north to Vancouver, British Columbia and the same distance south to Portland, Oregon. It is said by many to be a mix of both cities wrapped into one. Wearing the light weight, reliable Swift FX Bella Grey will be a good fit for you to wear as you may spend many nights inside your home looking outside at the rain pouring down – It rains here more per year than any other state in the nation.