Top 10 Funniest #CPAP Tweets of 2013

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CTA Button - CPAPRX4In the world of CPAP during 2013 there were a few notable events including: CPAP proven to make people more physically attractive, CPAP therapy can improve golf performance, and CPAP reduces nightmares in veterans.  We compiled a list of the top 10 funniest #CPAP tweets from 2013.  We love these tweets because they show how awesome the CPAP therapy community is and how we use a sense of humor in addition to a CPAP in battling sleep apnea!

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1. I’m Sexy and I Know It

This lad clearly knows that CPAP therapy has been proven to make people more physically attractive…  Hooray for #sleepbongs! (or #CPAPs)

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2.  Dog Farts in CPAP #ClassicHumor

Ah… the ole’ dog farts into the CPAP machine story!  You don’t actually believe that dog was sleeping while serving you a fresh aroma, do you?  Better think twice before you roll-up that newspaper next time…

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3.  CPAP Is Like Being “High”

“I think”…   This girl with a great save at the end of her tweet.  Say no to drugs and yes to CPAP!

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4.  How Am I Going to Sleep Through Her Snoring? #Poorguy

Anddd he’s back on the  couch!  #stereotypicalbuttrue

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5.  Sleep Study = Wires Everywhere

Three takeaways here: 1. Sleep labs use a ton of wires  2. Despite using a ton of wires none go on one’s buttocks  3. Home sleep test is the way to go…  Less wires and in your own bed!  #nobrainer


6.  CPAP Makes People Better Looking?  Only One Right Answer, Buddy

Free lesson of the day – If any female asks you a question related to her looks the answer must be somewhere along the lines of “Yes, honey you’re the most beautiful woman on the planet.”  I don’t care if she looks like she [Insert joke here].

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7.  NEWSFLASH – CPAP’s Don’t Filter Out Farts

By God, we’ve done it!  We’ve finally figured it out…  CPAP’s don’t actually filter out farts!   #Onesmallstepforcpapusers


8.  “Pulling the Plug” Practice

This guy could have a lot of explaining to do because of this tweet…


9.  #Sleeplikeabeagle?

I don’t know what “sleeping like a beagle” is but I NEED to know how to and I needed to know yesterday.


10.  Doggie CPAP – Not Sleeping Like a Beagle?

Fun fact – The CPAP was invented to help a dog sleep better…  Check this out!