Is It About Time to Retire Your Old CPAP Machine?

Getting an upgrade is simply another way of saying that you are getting something better, newer, cozier, and more technologically advanced. If you find yourself in a hotel room that you aren’t happy with, there is a good chance that the concierge will upgrade you to a bigger suite. Taking a business trip to Toledo? – You may want to ask the flight attendant for an upgrade to first-class. This is exactly the reason why it might be time to upgrade to a new CPAP system. You may not realize it, but the machine you are using now may be soooo last season. Here are some CPAP system upgrades you may want to think about making today.

Upgrade from the M-Series to the Advanced “System One” REMstar Auto A-FLEX Series


Philips Respironics broke some serious ground with the advanced M-Series system – especially when it came to the system’s ability to offer pressurized air on a breath-by-breath basis. But then came the “System One” series, which takes automatic CPAP technology to a whole new level. For instance, the REMstar Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier and Heated Tube comes with a cutting-edge algorithmic technology called A-Flex, which offers the optimal pressure setting based on not only breathing patterns, but also snoring intensity, body movements, mask leakage and a number of other somnambulant events and factors. But not only has the algorithm improved – the “System One” also offers the ability to use an SD card, which makes transferring and reviewing compliance data a lot easier. Also, the “System One” has made crucial adjustments to the humidifier by adding a Dry Box, which helps stop water from entering the machine. Moreover, the heated tubing in the “System One” has been designed with an algorithm that measures room temperature and room humidity to eliminate instances of rain out. Basically, upgrading from the M-Series to the “System One” series will be like upgrading from an economy suite to a penthouse suite with a view of the whole sparkling city.

Upgrade from the S8 Series to the S9 Series


Speaking of penthouses in the sky, upgrading from the S8 series to the S9 series won’t only boost your CPAP experience, it will also boost your quality of life. For one thing, the S8 has been discontinued, which makes it virtually obsolete – a reason in and of itself to upgrade. Plus, it will only get harder and harder to find parts and equipment for this older CPAP model. The S9 series from ResMed, however, is making quite a name for itself in the world of CPAP machines. Just take the S9 AutoSet for example, which utilizes a highly advanced algorithm to provide the most optimal CPAP treatment experience. Not to mention, the S9 AutoSet system is neatly packed in a beautifully designed shell with on-display data reporting. You can also snag the optional ClimateLine Tubing, which has a heated coil to reduce occurrences of condensation and rainout. So, if you are still tinkering around with the S8 series, it is definitely time to jump up to the S9 – you will be pleasantly amazed.

Upgrade from the Transcend to the Z1


Thinking about upgrading your portable CPAP system? Having a portable CPAP machine can allow you to be on the move and not have to lug around your heavy primary CPAP, which should really stay put on your nightstand. If you travel a lot, this is especially important. If you are currently using the Transcend, it may be time to upgrade to the amazingly lightweight and portable Z1 CPAP system. In fact, the Z1 is a crazy 37% smaller than the Transcend and it only weighs ten ounces. Plus, this system is one of the quietest CPAP systems on the market, which makes it perfect for those long and lonely red eye flights to meet Bob at the regional office in Dallas.  But the real magic of this CPAP machine is that it is packed with the Z-Breathe algorithm, which will literally learn your breathing patterns in order to provide the best pressure setting. So, you can stay with your boring old Transcend or you can upgrade to a newer, smarter, sleeker, quieter, and more compact CPAP that will offer more comfort and better treatment. The choice to upgrade is almost too easy to make.

In the end, you could turn down that first-class seat and you could turn down that bigger, more spacious and luxurious hotel room, but everyone knows you’d be a buffoon if you did. It’s sort of the same thing when it comes to CPAP machines. If you are using an older model CPAP system, there is a pretty good probability that a newer, better model is out there. All you need now is the courage to break up with your old CPAP – don’t worry…it will be easy.