The Swift FX Mask System Offers a More Comfortable CPAP Experience


For some people, CPAP masks can be burdensome, claustrophobic, and noisy. If you have experienced these three issues in the past, there is a good chance that you simply haven’t found the right mask for you. You see, each of us sleeps differently – like some people take their coffee black and others take their coffee with cream, some people like a more comprehensive full face mask system and others like something much less obtrusive. If you are in that latter demographic, you may find that the Swift FX Mask System from ResMed is the perfect mask for you.

What is the Swift FX Mask System?

The Swift FX is a nasal pillows mask, which means that the mask is attached by two soft silicone nasal pillows that are inserted into the nostrils. A nasal pillows mask is different than a nasal mask or full face mask, because it doesn’t cover your nose or mouth. For this reason, nasal pillows masks – like the Swift FX – are the least burdensome when it comes to CPAP mask systems. In fact, the Swift FX is so lightweight, non-cumbersome and minimal that you may forget you are actually wearing it, which is one of the biggest reasons why people love this mask so much.

Is the Swift FX Mask System Right for You?

You may be wondering if the Swift FX is the right mask system for you. Don’t worry, this is a valid question; it can be hard to find the ideal CPAP mask – a mask that will give you the most optimal comfort and the best night of sleep. First off, the Swift FX mask system is perfect for sleep apnea sufferers that have a habit of rolling around in their sleep – particularly those side sleepers that toss from one side to the other throughout the night. Yeah, you know who you are. In fact, the Swift FX has new and improved nasal pillows with dual-wall flaps and the base has been designed with integrated flexible chambers that give even more stability and comfort to those fretful side sleepers. Who wouldn’t benefit from the Swift FX mask system? – If you have a habit of sleeping with your mouth wide open, or if you are a heavy mouth breather when you sleep, you probably want to go with a full face mask versus a nasal pillows mask, because a full face mask system will give you much better coverage.

Why Do People Love the Swift FX?

There’s a reason why people call the Swift FX “the Holy Grail of CPAP masks” and say things like, “…it blows away all the competition for comfort and low leakage.” Indeed, there’s a lot to love about this mask. For one thing, the Swift FX is ultra-quiet – by placing exhalation ports on the frame and not the mask, air can now be dispersed away from you, which makes the mask drastically quieter. Another reason why people love this mask so much is because it is extremely lightweight – the frame is virtually invisible and with “lock and key” release tabs, it is easy to assemble and disassemble. As one reviewer put it: “The Swift FX is lightweight, unobtrusive, and easy to put on and take off.”

As you can see, the Swift FX has a lot of features that make it a more comfortable and less burdensome CPAP mask system. Most importantly, if your old mask system feels obtrusive, or if you are a side sleeper and are having trouble with the seal and fit of your current mask, it may be time to switch to the Swift FX. When it comes down to it, finding a more comfortable mask system is imperative for the sake of treating your obstructive sleep apnea. As an added bonus, if you order the Swift FX, you’ll get a free set of CPAP cleaning wipes (just enter SWIFTWIPE at checkout).