The Sleep Apnea Sufferer’s Ultimate Survival Guide

If you have been recently diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, you may be experiencing some acute stress over how to effectively battle your sleep disorder. There are, indeed, a lot of questions you may be asking yourself. How do I make CPAP therapy more comfortable? How do I comply with treatment when there is no source of power? What happens when I am in between doctors? Don’t worry; these questions are normal and smart to ask. Lucky for you, we’ve thought a lot about these concerns and have come up with a few practical solutions.


1. The C-100 Battery Pack ($379.00) is a super small and lightweight battery pack that is a must have for all CPAP users. Whether you are out camping or if a bolt of lighting takes out the power on your block, this battery pack will give you up to four nights of juice to comply with CPAP therapy – if you pigtail two together, you’ll get twice the power.


2. CPAP Tubing. As a CPAP user, you can never have too much tubing – the standard is 6 feet, but you can get a longer tube if desired.  You can go the distance with 10-foot long tubing ($19.49) or the standard 6-foot tubing ($14.99) – and everything in-between.


3. Sunset Cleaning Wipes ($11.99). Just take one whiff of your CPAP mask and you’ll realize why you need some cleaning wipes. The great part about these wipes is that they are made with natural materials and they won’t leave your CPAP equipment smelling like chemicals.


4. Z1 Base CPAP System ($675.00).  If you travel regularly, you may benefit from investing in this extraordinarily light CPAP mask system – it weights only 10 ounces, it is whisper quiet and it uses unique algorithmic technology to give you the ideal pressure setting. This little guy will be your new favorite travel companion.


5. Back up masks, headgear and cushions (prices vary). CPAP masks and other gear don’t last forever – they are medical grade equipment, so you are going to need a fresh mask every once in a while. The last thing you want is to realize you need a new mask, but don’t have any backups. The same goes for headgear and cushions, so be sure to stock up.


6. CPAP Prescription Package ($99.00). What happens when you are away from a doctor or out of town, but you need CPAP supplies, on the double? This package allows you to get your hands on a prescription in less than two business days – it’s easy and fast.


7. Mask Liners (prices vary). For some people, the silicone on a CPAP mask can be uncomfortable – it can leave red marks, irritation and cause chaffing. Mask liners help reduce these irritations because they create a barrier between the mask and your skin. Many people can deal with a bad hair day, but a bad face day? – Not so much.