A Simple Guide to Declaring Your Independence from Sleep Apnea

Traditionally, the Fourth of July is celebrated as the day America officially said sayonara to the British and all their tea-drinking ways by signing a little document called the Declaration of Independence. Who knows if they really meant for the day to be celebrated by gluttonously gorging yourself on hot dogs by the pool until the sky erupts in fireworks, but hey, who cares, its Amurica. Yet, the Fourth of July should also be celebrated as a day of general liberation, which means that if you have obstructive sleep apnea, it may be time to declare your independence from the sleep disorder.


Get Tested for Sleep Apnea

The first thing you must do in order to declare your independence from sleep apnea is a sleep test. In most cases, you would have to drive a few hours out of the way to a sleep lab – only to be stuck there all night while they watched you sleep. Also, they hook you up with so many wires that you feel like a cyborg. But that’s pretty un-American, right? Well, the easiest way to test yourself for the sleep condition is to order the Easy Breathe Home Sleep Test Package, which can allow you the opportunity to test yourself for the condition at home – in the comfort of your own bed. With just a few short steps, you could have a prescription on hand to start a revolution against your sleep apnea.

Pick a CPAP Machine

Your next step to overthrowing the Imperial reign of obstructive sleep apnea is to pick a CPAP machine. Your CPAP machine will be your closest ally in the war against the sleep disorder, so you want to choose wisely. If you’ve browsed through the Easy Breathe online store, you’ve probably seen all your choices. However, if you want to start things off right, you may want to go with an automatic CPAP machine, or auto-titrating system, because they can often offer you the most comfortable and effective treatment. These systems incorporate advanced algorithms, which provide the ideal pressure settings on a breath-by-breath basis. Basically, if you breathe a certain way in your sleep, or if you are in a certain sleeping position, an auto-titrating system will be able to adjust the pressure accordingly. By far one of the most cutting edge automatic CPAPs on the market is the S9 AutoSet from ResMed, which is ultra-sleek and ultra-quiet. This APAP system also comes with a number of incredible features, like a Mask-Fit System, which allows you to customize the fitting of your mask, and Climate Control Technology, which includes a humidifier and optional heating tubing, including five sensors that monitor airflow and temperature. Trust me, you’ll be so happy that you may wake up each morning singing the National Anthem.

Order Some Supplies

What is a war for independence without some provisions, artillery, ammo and the like? If you plan on waging a war against your obstructive sleep apnea, you will need a few supplies. For one, you will need a CPAP mask. When it comes to CPAP treatment, you have three basic options – a full face mask, a nasal pillow mask and a nasal mask. Each has their own unique disadvantages and advantages according to your personal tastes and comfort preferences. For instance, if you are a mouth sleeper, you may want to go with a full face mask, like the Quattro Air Mask System, which will allow you to get adequate treatment – even if you sleep with your mouth wide open.  If you are a little more claustrophobic and want something with a lighter facial footprint, you may want to go with a nasal mask, like the Wisp Nasal Mask System, or a nasal pillow mask, like the Swift FX Mask System. Also, you may want to invest in the SoClean 2, which is the only CPAP sanitizing system that destroys 99% of bacteria, viruses and mold. When you are out there fighting in the trenches against sleep apnea, you’ll need to bring in the big guns.

In the end, Independence Day isn’t only a day to tell those scone-eating, fish mongering Brits to shove it (don’t really do that), it is also a day to send some heavy artillery shells into your sleep apnea and blow it to smithereens. In order to do this, you will need to first get tested for the sleep disorder, which you can easily and conveniently do with the Easy Breathe Sleep Apnea Test Package. Next, you will need to start looking for a CPAP machine – an automatic, or auto-titrating, sleep apnea machine, like the S9 AutoSet can start you off right. You will also need some supplies – especially a CPAP mask, so you’ll want to explore some of your options. After you start undergoing CPAP treatment, you will realize how much of a tyrannical sway sleep apnea had over your life, so you may want to think of making Fourth of July the day you declare your independence from the sleep disorder.