Putting Packing Tape on the CPAP You Purchased at A Yard Sale – BAD IDEA.


It’s Sleep Apnea Awareness Week and E!’s show, The Soup, hosted by comedian Joel McHale, who provides sarcastic and satirical commentary, has indeed brought awareness to sleep apnea.  The clip taken from some reality TV show, shows a woman who bought  a CPAP machine from a yard sale…  You read that right – a yard sale.  At least she had the presence of mind to put packing tape on the nasal mask?!   You make the call.

Lessons Learned

1.  Buying a CPAP from a Yard Sale – Don’t do it!  If you’re strapped for cash our Easy Payment Plan can help you.  We also have the Easy Giving Program, a type of community giving program in which friends and family can help you get the CPAP you need.  The last thing you want is to end up on The Soup at the mercy of Joel McHale!

2. Putting Packing Tape on Your CPAP Mask – You are going to have a bad time CPAPing if you do this!  If you’re worried about sanitation as our Soup star is then check out the SoClean 2, which removes 99.9% of mold, bacteria and viruses.  Unfortunately, there’s no other way to slice it – packing tape is just not meant to safeguard your face from the germs of a secondhand CPAP machine.

It’s like they say – any publicity is good publicity.  Here’s to Sleep Apnea Awareness!  Enjoy!


Source: “Double Whammy! She’s Cheap and Has Sleep Apnea.” The Soup.