iCPAP – Featuring Debra Hanson from Skokie, IL!


Debra’s dog, Tiger. We want him in our office!

Getting the chance to speak with friendly people is one of the most underrated privileges of working at Easy Breathe. On a daily basis, we are lucky enough to speak to some of the most unique, polite and warm hearted patients. Today was no exception.

Debra Hanson, 59, of Skokie, Illinois is a favorite at her workplace.  She has worked in the Meat Industry for over 33 years. Customer service has taught her how to evaluate difficult situations in high stress environments, all while keeping a smile on her face. More importantly, she is a mother to a 9 year old West Highland Terrier named Tiger (pictured) who she loves very much. “Tiger comes first,” says Hanson. “Some nights, Tiger will take up the bed, and I just know my place. It’s something only dog lovers understand.” Additionally, she loves her murder mystery novels and her TV shows. Debra is a big QVC fan. She was nice enough to take time and speak with us during a break from today’s QVC Christmas in September shopping event.

For 12 years, Debra has been suffering with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Before her diagnosis, she was always tired, falling asleep everywhere. “I would go out to lunch at work and fall asleep in my car on my way back to the office” she explained, “and anytime I was in the car.” This was especially tough on her 90 minute daily commute to and from work. Headaches were also common and she was beginning to think something serious may be happening with her body.

When she was first diagnosed with sleep apnea, she was skeptical. How could sleeping with a machine be the solution? She wasn’t thrilled with the testing process, either, as she had to wait over 6 weeks from the time she went to her doctor until she was able to take her sleep test.  Then it took another 4 weeks until she was able to get her machine set up. If she were to start over today, she would have loved to take Easy Breathe’s Easy Sleep Apnea Test.  The Easy Sleep Apnea Test can be completed in as little as one week. Patients take a test in the comfort of their own home. The results of which are then reviewed by a doctor who writes a prescription. If diagnosed, the patients are now ready to purchase their machine. “It would be a no brainer. You sleep a lot better in your own bed than anywhere else,” said Debra.

Debra initially came to Easy Breathe after seeing an ad on Yahoo for Auto Titrating CPAP technology. She explains that while her old machine was instrumental to getting a good night’s rest, she had to make a lot of adjustments. Her CPAP made noise and she could only get proper rest while sleeping in certain positions. Nonetheless, CPAP therapy was helping her sleep so she was willing to make sacrifices.

She has since started using an S9 Autoset CPAP machine and life has never been better! She can now fall asleep almost instantly when she lies down at night and puts on her Airfit P10 nasal pillow mask system. “It’s so light on my face, feels like there’s nothing on” she says. “I’d like to hold on at work until retirement if I can, and I don’t think that would be an option had I not started using a CPAP twelve years ago.”

Debra is a big believer in change. “Good change needs to be embraced, both in the workplace and at home.” When someone thinks they are suffering from OSA and reluctant to get treated, she wants them to accept the change that will make their life better. “I’d definitely tell anyone to try this, Easy Breathe will answer all your questions and the therapy will make you feel amazing!” Debra said. Her S9 makes no noise and she can sleep in any position at night since she made the switch. “I wake up in the morning and feel refreshed every day.” It sure is refreshing to get the chance to speak to kind people like Debra, and we are glad CPAP therapy is making a difference in her life.