The Five Absolutely Worst Times For Your CPAP to Break


Check-Your-Insurance-Easy-BreatheDon’t you hate it when you’re late for an important meeting, but the elevator gets stuck and you are forced to live on Tic Tacs until emergency responders pry you out? Okay, maybe you haven’t experienced this situation exactly, but something like it – a life altering facepalm moment that makes you think you are cursed by the Aztec gods. Indeed, life can seem like one worst-case scenario after another. For people suffering from sleep apnea, a broken CPAP machine can create one of these scenarios. Here are five of the worst times and places for your CPAP machine to break…  At least Easy Breathe has you covered with the CPAP RX Package whenever your machine does break!

1. Before a third date.


CPAP-RX-Online-CPAP-PrescriptionSo, you’ve been on the dating circuit for a while now. Each person you meet seems like a cross between crazy and you’re much older than you look in your profile picture. Finally, you meet someone you really like – you go on a first date and you hit it off. The second date – things get a little spicier, but you don’t take it all the way. Finally, the third date comes around and you know that this time you’ll take it to home base – hallelujah. Yet, two nights before the date, your CPAP machine breaks and you are too tired and miserable to go out – let alone perform in bed.


2. Before a job interview, promotion interview or performance review.


Easy-Sleep-Apnea-Test-PackageYou and your boss have had a contentious relationship. You think he or she likes you, but he or she may also secretly hate you, but you keep getting a paycheck and money trumps hatred as far as you’re concerned. But that feeling only lasts until it is time for your quarterly performance review, which just so happens to be around the same time that your CPAP machine breaks down. You also don’t want your CPAP to break before a job interview or promotion interview, because both could determine your entire future. Imagine flipping burgers for an eternity – all because your CPAP called it quits.


3. Before a fishing or hunting expedition.


ResMed-Online-Store-Easy-BreatheNo one wants to be the Dick Cheney of the hunting expedition crew. The best time to track down that trophy kill or monster bass is early in the morning – earlier than you’d ever want to be up on a Sunday morning with a dude wearing a t-shirt featuring an arrow pointing to his nether regions and a ridiculous saying, like “He Does Most of the Thinking Around Here.” So, the last thing you want is for your CPAP machine to break, because you need to be on your A-game for a fishing or hunting expedition – not only to prevent shooting your friend in the face, but also to increase your chances of bringing home dinner.


4. Before a business meeting or seminar.


Respironics-Online-Store-Easy-BreatheWhy can’t business meetings be held in the comfort of your own living room – wearing nothing but a robe? – They always have to be held half way across the country in some dingy budget hotel where you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get your paws on those delicious cheese danishes as part of your free continent breakfast. However, if your CPAP machine breaks right around this time, you may not only miss your free breakfast – you may also miss an important business opportunity if you are too exhausted and look like a combination of both Rip Torn’s and Nick Nolte’s mugshot. Then again, maybe you should stay away from the cheese danishes too.


5. Before the in-laws arrive.


Cue the Flight of the Valkyries song or the Darth Vader theme, because the in-laws are coming. Most people would rather don an orange vest and blend in with the people cleaning up trash on the side of the freeway than spend a weekend with the in-laws. What can make it worse? – Yes, you guessed it, a broken CPAP machine. When the in-laws are coming in town, the best way to survive is to get plenty of rest – it also helps to have plenty of excuses to keep going to the market for ice and napkins.


Lastly, thanks to the wonderful invention of the Internet and Easy Breathe’s convenient CPAP Prescription Package, you don’t need to let that cheese danish, hot night of passion, or promotion slip between your fingers. With this package, you can get your hands on a prescription for a new CPAP machine in as little as two business days – yes, that quick. In these last minute dire situations it helps to have a back up plan that can save the day, which is where the CPAP RX Package comes in, because you don’t need to wait for a doctor’s appointment and you don’t need to visit a sleep lab – all you need is an Internet connection and in a couple of days, you’ll have your prescription for a brand new CPAP machine. Life may be an unfortunate series of catastrophes, but it always helps to be prepared, especially when the quality of your life is at stake.