Boost In Sleep Apnea Diagnostic and Therapeutic Devices Makes Treatment Easier

By now, you probably know that obstructive sleep apnea can be a major hindrance to your quality of life. Not only can sleep apnea make you suck at work – it can also make you suck at a lot of other things too, like sex, driving a car and even golf. But despite the negative symptoms, people are still having a hard time adhering to treatment. However, a new trend report forecasts a much brighter future for both diagnosing sleep apnea and getting treatment. With technological advancements in sleep apnea testing and CPAP therapy options, tackling the sleep disorder is easier now than it ever has been.

What’s driving this fascinating trend? – For one thing, better methods of diagnosing sleep apnea. Letting your sleep apnea go unchecked is like leaving your dog alone at the house while you go on a business trip. Indeed, sleep apnea starts to affect the heart and vital organs – it causes hypertension, diabetes, stroke and a long list of debilitating and even fatal medical conditions. Thanks to the emergence of home sleep testing kits, more and more people are getting the diagnosis they need to start undergoing treatment.

For instance, Easy Breathe’s Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package allows individuals to test for the sleep disorder in the comfort of their own beds – in the comfort of their own homes. With more and more tests like this one, the industry is seeing a major divergence away from the more traditional diagnostic methods, like visiting a sleep lab, which is often expensive, uncomfortable, awkward and the results are not always accurate. With Easy Breathe’s Sleep Apnea Test Package, you can have a prognosis in only a few days and the results are often much more accurate.

Not only that, but advancements in CPAP machines are also driving this exciting trend. With smaller, more compact, quieter and more technically advanced CPAP machines, the forecast reports that more people are open to starting treatment and sticking to it. Just take the S9 AutoSet as an example – an auto-titrating CPAP machine that is truly leading the pack. These auto-titrating, or APAP systems, are literally revolutionizing the way people receive treatment. With unique algorithms that provide just the right pressure setting and other comfort features, CPAP therapy has never been as comfortable or effective.


In the end, the boom in diagnostic and therapeutic devices makes a whole lot of sense. Sleep apnea is a troublesome condition with a heretofore troublesome solution. One of the main reasons people didn’t want to get diagnosed in the past is because driving out of the way to a sleep lab – only to get slathered up with glue, plastered with electrodes and then watched by a bunch of strange doctors – is not anyone’s idea of fun. Plus, older CPAP technologies didn’t quite take comfort into consideration. With home sleep tests and auto-titrating CPAP machines, getting diagnosed and getting treatment is easier and more convenient than ever. The best part: as technology advances and evolves – it will only get better.


Source: Transparency Market Research. “Sleep Apnea Diagnostic and Therapeutic Devices Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019.” Research and Markets. April 2014.