Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Role of Sleep Apnea in Hawaii’s Senate Race

What have you done for your mom lately? There is a good chance that whatever you have done – it doesn’t come close to what Las Vegas crooner Brian Evans has done for his mother. In a bid not to win political favor, but to raise ...

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Are You Ready For Sleep Apnea Awareness Week?

Bring out the chips and dip, load up the playlist, and fill up your humidifier chamber, because it’s time to celebrate Sleep Apnea Awareness Week, which runs from October 6th until the 13th. Sandwiched between National Walk Your Dog Week and National Chestnut Week – National ...

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Big New Study Shows Sleep Apnea Tied to Hearing Loss

To truly visualize the destructive nature of obstructive sleep apnea, just watch Godzilla destroy Tokyo or watch the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters traipse down Central Park West in New York City – trampling cars in its wake. That’s sort of what sleep apnea ...

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