Monthly Archives: February 2014

Everything You Wanted to Know About Women and Sleep Apnea

Women Can Get Sleep Apnea Too? John Lennon once quipped: “There is a great woman behind every idiot.” That sentiment very well may be true, especially if that idiot is someone who believes women can’t have sleep apnea. Women are smart, powerful and alluring, but ...

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Which CPAP Mask Would Your Favorite Television Character Wear?

When it comes to television tropes – the everyman, the beer-drinking man, the couch-dwelling man and the larger than life characters with supersonic exuberance, and a combination of sometimes idiocy or stereotype breaking astuteness, have become regular fixtures on our television screen. Over the years ...

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CPAP Therapy and Dating – 4 Essential Tips

Let’s just cut straight to the chase – you are probably reading this because you want to learn how to broach the subject without hurting your chances of getting lucky. It’s okay – you can admit that, at least to yourself. The truth is that ...

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