Monthly Archives: August 2013

CPAP Study: CPAP Restores Brain Tissue

The brain – it has absolutely no nerve endings with which to feel pain, but you know it’s there, because how else could you be reading this article? Indeed, the brain might just be the most important organ in the body – without many of ...

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Sleep Apnea May Predict Skin Cancer Risk

If sleep apnea were a character in a spaghetti western, it would be that guy, cloaked in all black that swings open the saloon doors and causes everyone to drop their drinks and turn their heads in silence. If sleep apnea were a character in ...

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CPAP Study: Low Income People Less Likely to Use CPAP

Being slightly broke isn’t fun – the college kind of broke where you can afford a slice of pizza and noodles for dinner and not much else, but you know your parents will probably pitch in if you really need it, especially for a new guitar ...

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