Visit the ResMed Online Store For Some Amazing CPAP Machines and Supplies

There are many reasons why some brands become leading brands. A brand takes a certain corner of the market because they know exactly what the consumer wants: better, faster, higher quality and at a much lower price. But a leading brand goes beyond that – they don’t just think of the consumer as a consumer, they think of the consumer as an important asset. For sleep apnea sufferers, this is incredibly important. This is why ResMed is the leading manufacturer of CPAP masks and supplies. It is also the reason why Easy Breathe has opened the ResMed Online Store – to offer a complete line of therapy products and supplies.

ResMed is the #1 Mask Brand

AirFit-P10-Mask-SystemResMed’s CPAP masks are the bomb-diggity – let’s just get that point across. In fact, ResMed’s masks are so good that they have earned the company the number one spot as far as CPAP masks are concerned. When it comes to full face masks, you have complete systems, like the Quattro Air Mask System – for him and her – which is by far the lightest and most streamlined mask on the market. It has only four parts – the fewest of all mask systems – and it has unique diffuser vents that make the mask virtually whisper quiet, so no more elbows in the ribs in the middle of the night from your bed partner. In the ResMed Online Store, you’ll also find some of the best nasal cushion masks, like the AirFit Mask System, and nasal pillows masks, like the Swift Mask System. When it comes down it, if the mask isn’t comfortable, intuitive and easy to use – CPAP therapy won’t be as effective, it’s as simple as that.

ResMed’s CPAP Machines Are Super Advanced


ResMed has always been a leader when it comes to CPAP machines. In fact, ResMed has been making continuous positive airway machines since the very beginning, which means they have been tirelessly incorporating, and perfecting, new technologies and consumer trends to provide some of the most advanced CPAP machines on the market. Just take the S9 AutoSet as an example – it is quite possibly the most comfortable and intuitive CPAP system on the market. Not only does the S9 provide airway pressure automatically according to a unique set of algorithms, but it is also sleek and rife with high-tech features, like a mask fit system, optional climate control technology, on display data reporting, and extremely low sound levels. Basically, this CPAP system will put your old machine to shame. In fact, all of ResMed’s machines will put your old system to shame.

ResMed Has Some of the Best Supplies and Accessories

SoClean-2-CPAP-Cleaner-and-SanitizerSome of the best things in life come with the option of being fully loaded. You could get the off the shelf engine, or you can get the super torqued, super charged version for just a little extra. This is why purchasing a few extra supplies and accessories can make your CPAP experience so much more tolerable, comfortable and maybe even more pleasant. For instance, the SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is one of the only ways to fully sanitize your CPAP machine and supplies. Using the power of activated oxygen, this amazing sanitizer destroys 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mold – it is also incredibly easy to use and there is no elbow-grease necessary. Another accessory that may drastically improve your CPAP experience is a heated tube – ResMed’s ClimateLine Tubing will make sure that condensation and rainout is a thing of the past. When it comes to quality and value, ResMed’s accessories definitely take the cake versus other leading brands.

Lastly, as you can clearly see, ResMed offers an unprecedented CPAP product line – one that can offer superior treatment for your obstructive sleep apnea. This is the reason why Easy Breathe created a unique store and shopping experience for all of ResMed’s newest and most advanced machines and supplies. In fact, Easy Breathe is an authorized ResMed dealer, which means that you will only get the best service and at the lowest prices. So, why not visit the Easy Breathe ResMed Online Store and start shopping today – a better CPAP experience is always closer than you think.