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CPAP Study: CPAP Reduces Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

The strangest thing about hypertension: most people have no idea they have it. While there are some symptoms, like constant headaches, fatigue and difficulty breathing, oftentimes people don’t find out that they have hypertension, or high blood pressure, until they are waiting to get a ...

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CPAP Therapy Can Improve Golf Performance

Golf – to some it is the most boring sport on television, but to others it is a way of life. No one knows for sure when and where the precursor to golf began – some say it evolved from an Ancient Roman sport involving ...

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CPAP Study: CPAP Slows Cognitive Deterioration

You don’t need a medical study to tell you that completely forgetting what you were going to say mid-sentence is alarming – it just is. Age seems to ravage us in ways that are less than becoming. Whether you are experiencing it yourself or whether a ...

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CPAP Study: CPAP Treatment Can Increase Lifespan

“And death shall have no dominion,” wrote the poet Dylan Thomas on the notion of immortality. While the idea of immortality is an interesting one – and perhaps a farfetched one – the least we can do is try to live longer. However, with people ...

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CPAP Eases Daytime Hypertension Even When Drugs Don’t

The most anyone really hears about blood pressure is when their grandmother remarks that anything mildly frustrating, like the Internet and the government and salty foods and grandpa and the nightly news, gives her “high blood pressure”. But what is high blood pressure and why ...

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CPAP Study: CPAP Exposure Therapy Improves Compliance

Exposure therapy was developed right around the end of World War II, which was a perfect time, because millions of soldiers were coming back from Asia and Europe tortured by the war. Exposure therapy – in its essence – carries some of Pavlov’s principles: that overtime ...

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CPAP Study: CPAP Reduces Nightmares in Veterans

In World War I – the war to end all wars – soldiers exhibited a psychological response that few doctors and psychologists had ever seen. The term they used was “shell shock,” which was classified as an extreme response to the constant bombardment of shells ...

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CPAP Study: Can CPAP Therapy Save Your Marriage?

Most marriage vows promise that a loving couple be together in sickness, in health, and through that miserable vacation in the Adirondacks – at least that is the idealist’s point of view.  However, some paths in life lead us down more darkened corridors. In 1995, ...

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CPAP Study: CPAP Will Help You Get An Erection

Morning wood – ever think you’d miss it? If you are one of the eighteen million Americans with sleep apnea, there is a good chance you might be missing it right now. Sleep apnea, which comes from the ancient Greek word for “want of breath,” ...

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