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CPAP Mask Buying Tips: Top 3 Most Popular CPAP Masks

If you’ve gone shopping for CPAP masks recently, you’ve probably realized one thing: there are a lot of masks out there. No matter if you are a newbie CPAP user or a pro, shopping for a new mask can be intimidating – much more intimidating ...

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The SoClean 2 Kills 99.9% Of Mold, Bacteria and Viruses

You wouldn’t keep eating off a dirty plate, would you? So, why would you keep using your bacteria and mold covered CPAP mask night after night? If you took a microscope and looked at the tiny microscopic world of mold, bacteria, and viruses living on ...

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A Few Good Reasons Why You Need An Auto-Titrating CPAP Machine

Things are continually progressing forward. If things didn’t move forward, we’d still be using antiquated machinery to grind mill and sew our own clothes – you can forget about smart phones and Angry Birds. More importantly, though, there wouldn’t be CPAP – you would still ...

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