Just Say NO To Sleep Labs


To say that sleep labs aren’t fun or enjoyable would be an understatement. Some choice tweets about sleep labs include: “How am I supposed to sleep with 100 wires glued to my body,” and “I’m never going to a sleep lab again…I feel like death.” Not to mention, sleep labs are also very expensive and they are often located in the middle of nowhere. When it comes down to it, many people don’t realize that they may not have to go to a sleep lab at all or may not have to go ever again.  You could be testing yourself at home for obstructive sleep apnea, which can be far more affordable, effective and convenient. So, why should you just say no to sleep labs?



1. You don’t need a prescription to purchase certain CPAP supplies

Indeed, federal laws state that you need a prescription for a CPAP machine, but not for individual supplies. So, if you need a new mask frame without headgear, you don’t need a prescription. If you need a mask frame and headgear and don’t have a prescription purchase each item separately!  When you purchase headgear separately from the mask you do not need a prescription.  The price of purchasing them separately is usually the same as the price of purchasing the full set. So, why go through the trouble of going to a sleep lab for a prescription when you don’t even have to?  

Let’s review what we’ve learned…

  • Certain CPAP supplies (headgear, filters, tubes) = No prescription needed
  • Mask frame = No prescription needed
  • Mask frame + headgear (purchased separately) = No prescription needed



2. Broken CPAP?  You don’t need to go back to a sleep lab to get a new pressure setting

What you should do is look at your broken CPAP machine as a blessing in disguise, because now you can purchase an auto CPAP machine. An auto CPAP uses unique algorithms to automatically and safely adjust your pressure settings to your breathing patterns so that you don’t have to.  Need a new prescription to purchase the auto-CPAP?  No problem.  There are some companies online that allow you to get a CPAP Prescription in less than two business days. Whether you are in between physicians, away from home, or simply don’t have time to visit the doctor, the online CPAP prescription packages can help you go from a patient without a prescription to one with a prescription for typically around $99.  No need for a sleep lab here!


home sleep test

3. Test yourself for sleep apnea at home

Testing yourself for obstructive sleep apnea has never been easier, because there are several companies that offer home sleep apnea test packages.  You can conveniently and easily test yourself in the comfort of your own home. It takes a fraction of the time that it would take to get a test in a sleep lab at a fraction of the cost. Getting tested in a sleep lab can cost over $1,500 whereas a home sleep test is less than $400! Not only do you get to test yourself in the comfort of your own home, but also by testing yourself in your natural sleep conditions, the results may be more accurate. Can you say “No-brainer”?


Lastly, there are a number of reasons why you should just say no to sleep labs. Here is another tweet about a sleep lab experience: “I have a killer headache and I am covered in [expletive] glue.” Basically, most people would rather be on a broken down Royal Caribbean cruise ship that has overflowing toilets, a shortage of food and an outbreak of the rotavirus than go to a sleep lab.  Plus, why go to a sleep lab when you can purchase many CPAP supplies without a prescription? And for existing users – you don’t need to go back to a sleep lab to get a new pressure setting – why not go with an auto cpap and take advantage of the online CPAP RX Packages if you do need a prescription. Not only that, but you can also sign up for the sleep apnea test package and you can test yourself in the comfort of your own bed. Why wake up covered in glue when you could wake up in your favorite jammies and familiar surroundings?