Fun CPAP Facts

Senate Race

The Role of Sleep Apnea in Hawaii’s Senate Race

What have you done for your mom lately? There is a good chance that whatever you have done – it doesn’t come close to what Las Vegas crooner Brian Evans has done for his mother. In a bid not to win political favor, but to raise ...

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Are You Ready For Sleep Apnea Awareness Week?

Bring out the chips and dip, load up the playlist, and fill up your humidifier chamber, because it’s time to celebrate Sleep Apnea Awareness Week, which runs from October 6th until the 13th. Sandwiched between National Walk Your Dog Week and National Chestnut Week – National ...

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Get Your CPAP On For These 6 Alabama Game Day Traditions

It’s that time of the year again: college football season. For Crimson Tide fans, it’s something even more.  You could take Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve, and Super Bowl Sunday and you still wouldn’t come close to the excitement felt in Tuscaloosa during football season. ...

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I Sleep Apnea Therefore I Am: The Evolutionary Consequences of Speech

Humans have taken a seemingly mailroom to penthouse career trajectory to reach top-of-the-food-chain status. Where once we cowered in the lowland grasses of Africa with threats all around us, like saber-toothed cats, trampling mammoths, and bear-sized hyenas, now we conquer. At first we started standing ...

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Will Sleep Apnea Kill Homer Simpson?

In 2000 years, it could be that kids will be forced to spend their entire summer before the first year of high school watching every single episode of The Simpsons – an Odyssean-like epic that perfectly captures the zeitgeist of our time. From the fall ...

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Be A Patriot: Treat Your Sleep Apnea and Boost the Economy

Many people are still reeling from the global recession, which was just a hair away from becoming a nasty depression. Fortuitously, the lessons we learned from the Great Depression helped pull us out of the latest bind. But somehow the rich always find ways to ...

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