The Easy Payment Plan Makes It Easy To Get CPAP


By now, you probably know that medical care can be expensive. If you suffer from sleep apnea and were prescribed CPAP treatment by a physician, you have probably come face to face with the jaw dropping prices of some CPAP machines. With rent or mortgage, childcare, and all those other daily and monthly expenses, it can be easy to dismiss CPAP treatment altogether. You may even put off CPAP until you can afford it. But when will that be, really? Wouldn’t it be easier to make monthly payments instead of putting all your money down on the table at once?

Well, with Easy Breathe’s Easy Payment Plan you don’t have to – you can get your hands on a new CPAP machine for one low down payment and then a minimal and manageable monthly contribution. Really, on a monthly basis, you could be spending the equivalent of a night on the town for a brand new CPAP machine. But instead of feeling regretful, not knowing where your car is and wondering why there’s a headless mannequin in your bed, you could be getting amazing sleep night after night. Not to mention, you’ll also be alleviating all the symptoms of your obstructive sleep apnea.

Now, most payment plans are a gimmick. You make monthly payments and you never get to truly own your CPAP machine. This makes each monthly payment seem like a waste of money – almost like renting a CPAP machine. With Easy Breathe’s unique payment plan, we set it up so that in only twelve months, you can own your CPAP machine outright – no questions asked. This is an amazing opportunity not only to get your hands on an amazing CPAP machine, but it’s also a great opportunity to update your old CPAP system.

The Easy Payment Plan is also simple and easy to understand. All you have to do is select a payment plan – we’ve done all the math, so all you have to do is pick out the machine you want. After you pick out your machine, we’ll send you a payment plan authorization agreement. And the third and final step: just sign and send the authorization back to us and we’ll send out your new CPAP machine right away. It’s fast, easy and probably the most uncomplicated thing you’ll do all week – and probably the most important.

Lastly, battling sleep apnea takes some serious cash, especially if you want a brand new, state-of-the-art CPAP machine that will help you conquer your sleep disorder comfortably and intuitively. I mean, really, how long are you going to tolerate your old gurgling, leaky and uncomfortable CPAP machine? With Easy Breathe’s unique payment plan, anyone can afford a brand new machine – anyone. And the best part is that after only a year, the CPAP machine will be yours to keep. So, why not take advantage of the Easy Payment Plan today? This could be one of those life-changing things that will leave you kicking yourself later if you don’t take advantage of it right now.