Easy Giving Program – Get A New CPAP If You Can’t Afford One

The giving season is nearly here, which means that it is time to take advantage of all the generosity that is going around. If you have a solid network of friends and family, chances are that there is enough generosity to go around a few times, which is where Easy Breathe’s new Easy Giving Program comes in. Groundbreaking, original and so simple at the same time – Easy Breath’s Easy Giving Program is a unique way for people suffering from sleep apnea, but can’t afford treatment, to purchase the CPAP machine of their dreams. So, if you are strapped for cash, broke as a joke, skint (that’s British slang for being broke), in the red, in between jobs or just can’t afford a CPAP machine, perhaps the Easy Giving Program is your ticket to better quality of life and relief from the unbearable symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea.

What is Easy Giving? The Easy Giving Program uses the power of crowd funding to raise the capital needed to purchase a new CPAP machine and mask for someone that can’t afford one. Crowd funding has been popularized in the Internet age as an efficient and successful way to reach out to friends, family, and acquaintances when you need help. It is also a great alternative to showing up at their doorstep with an adorable frown. When it comes down to it, though, CPAP treatment is necessary and critical to treating sleep apnea, which can have a number of disastrous health affects if not remedied. So, most likely, your friends, family and acquaintances will understand the dire importance. Also, CPAP machines are expensive and can often be unattainable to those people who don’t have the cash.

Easy Breathe will start your campaign off with a 10% contribution to your funding goal.

The Easy Giving Program was developed by Easy Breathe as a part of their continued and committed efforts to making sure that everyone that has been diagnosed with sleep apnea can get treatment. The Easy Giving Program is also unique because no one else is doing it. So far, though, the trail has been an easy one to blaze – in less than one business day you can have your own Easy Giving campaign set up. Moreover, Easy Breathe will start your campaign off with a 10% contribution to your funding goal. Not only that, but Easy Breathe will manage and host the campaign for you, so all you have to do is spread the word, which – if you have have a social media platform and an email account – surely won’t be so difficult.

How does the Easy Giving Program work, exactly? Your first step is to sign up for the program, which costs a total of $25 – that $25 is applied to your total campaign funding goal, so it’s a worthwhile investment. After that, the fun begins – you get to shop and pick out your CPAP machine and mask; Easy Breathe has a plethora of machines and masks to choose from. Once you have your sights on a CPAP machine and mask, you then enter the respective SKU’s, or product numbers, into a questionnaire that Easy Breathe will send you. Once you fill out the questionnaire and send it back electronically to Easy Breathe, Easy Breathe will create your campaign page. After that, you can send that page out to friends and family. You will then get a weekly email with a progress report and if in forty days your total funding goal has been met, Easy Breathe will ship out your new CPAP machine and mask.

Indeed, the Easy Giving Program is easy to sign up for and easy to manage, because you don’t really have to do much. The program also makes it easy for people to pledge money to your campaign, which can be done in $10 increments, but with absolutely no limit. Perhaps Uncle Moneybags will end up fitting the whole bill – you just never know. And with a whole forty days, that is plenty of time to meet your goal, especially with Easy Breathe’s 10% commitment. So, if you are trying to find a simple solution to raising the money you need to get relief and treatment for your obstructive sleep apnea, signing up for the Easy Giving Program may just be your best and perhaps only option. Why let sleep apnea take over your life? There is a good chance that there is more than one person out there willing to reach out a helping hand – all you have to do is grab it. You can sign up for the Easy Giving Program here.