CPAP Benefits

CPAP Study: CPAP Vastly Improves Quality of Life

Do you have a hard time not wanting to fall asleep while watching opera and you actually like watching opera? How about NASCAR? Have you lost that love you once had for driving, or even reading – or doing anything for that matter? One of the ...

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CPAP Study: CPAP Reduces Migraine Intensity and Burden

Doctors and medical professionals still don’t really know what causes migraines, but the general consensus among migraine sufferers is that they really, really suck. Ask anyone who gets migraines (they can also be chronic) and that person will tell you that it basically feels like ...

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CPAP Study: CPAP Restores Brain Tissue

The brain – it has absolutely no nerve endings with which to feel pain, but you know it’s there, because how else could you be reading this article? Indeed, the brain might just be the most important organ in the body – without many of ...

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