5 Secrets to a Cozier CPAP Experience


Check-Your-Insurance-Coverage-Easy-BreatheHaving an intelligent mind has afforded us some simple luxuries that set us apart from our so-called ape cousins. One of those simple luxuries is comfort. We do everything we can to make our lives more comfortable. Just think about it: memory foam mattresses, heated floors, and lights that turn on and off when you clap. Heck, we haven’t cured cancer yet, but we do have the La-Z-Boy – nothing like a chair that doubles as a cup holder and a place to stash your beers. So, why shouldn’t CPAP therapy be just as comfortable? Here are five ways to make your CPAP treatment more comfortable.

1. RemZzzys Mask Liners


Online-CPAP-PrescriptionOne of the more uncomfortable side effects of CPAP therapy is mask irritation. Typically, this irritation is caused by an improper seal between the silicone of the mask and your skin, which can lead to chaffing, skin redness and other unsightly marks. A mask liner, however, can solve this issue by providing a comforting barrier between the mask and your skin. In fact, Fisher Paykel’s amazing RemZzzs mask liners do just that and more – they are made of natural fibers that literally soak up excessive moisture from your skin, so that your mask feels like a dream to wear.

2. Gecko Nasal Pad


Easy-Sleep-Apnea-TestAnother issue that may be causing discomfort is soreness in the bridge of the nose as a result of wearing a CPAP mask. Don’t worry, this is common – the bridge of the nose can be quite sensitive for some people. Not only can you experience soreness, but you may also experience mask leaks, which can lead to chaffing and other painful issues. Luckily, there is a really easy solution with the Gecko Nasal Pad. Simply wear this nasal pad and your mask will fit much tighter and more comfortably. Plus, you’ll also save yourself from those annoying leaks, which can be the worst since they’re so close to your eyes.

3. Sanitize your Mask With The SoClean 2


Resmed-Online-StoreA dirty mask is not a comfortable mask to wear. You wouldn’t wear the same dirty underwear every single day, would you? So, why wouldn’t you clean your CPAP equipment? Right now, there is a lot of bacteria teeming on your CPAP – it’s enough to make you gag. One of the best ways to sanitize your CPAP is with the SoClean 2 sanitizing machine, which removes and destroys 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mold. Using the power of activated oxygen, your CPAP will never be cleaner. You know that feeling you get when you slip into clean sheets? – Now imagine slipping into a clean CPAP mask.

4. Replace your Cushion or Seal



Having a good cushion or seal on your CPAP mask is critical for the sake of comfort. Eventually, though, your CPAP’s seal will become a little worse for wear. When this happens, you could experience a number of problems, like leaks, chaffing, irritation and a rather unpleasant CPAP mask wearing experience. So, it may be time for a new cushion or seal. You can find replacements for your mask made by every major manufacturer, like ResMed, Respironics (Phillips) and Fisher Paykel. In fact, you should probably have a few cushions and seals on standby – just in case – you can never be too cozy.

5. Purchase the ResMed S9 for a Quieter CPAP Experience


A quiet CPAP machine is a more comfortable CPAP experience – there are no doubts about that. While you probably can’t wave a wand over your old CPAP machine to make it quieter, you could invest in the incredible S9 AutoSet from ResMed, which many tout is the quietest CPAP machine on the market. When it comes to CPAP treatment, much of the sound is caused by an improper pressure setting, but with the S9 AutoSet’s clever algorithms will know exactly how much pressure you need, which is why the machine is so whisper quiet – you may not even know its there.

Lastly, comfort is important – we all know that. Where is the first place you’ll go after work – after sitting in an uncomfortable chair or standing up all day long? – Probably your couch. Will you make yourself dinner? – Probably not. You’ll order in and secretly wish the delivery guy could shovel that stuffed crust pizza directly down your mouth for you. So, why would you stand for an uncomfortable CPAP experience if you didn’t have to? As it is, having sleep apnea and the nightly routine that comes with it is already inconvenient enough. Fortunately, you now know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to making your CPAP experience as comfortable as it should be.