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CPAP is Good For Sex

Sex – let’s talk about the one thing that’s on every guy’s mind. Across the board, guys do everything to appear sexier and to attract the opposite sex – they wear nice clothing, they do their hair (thank god for Just For Men), they wear ...

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Shaq Attacks Sleep Apnea

At seven feet tall and weighing over three hundred pounds, Shaquille O’Neal used his height and size to score some of the most points and rebounds in basketball history. But what is little known about the basketball superstar is that he suffers from obstructive sleep ...

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iCPAP – Featuring Fidel DeHaro IV!

Today, we would like to introduce you to one of the funniest CPAP users we at Easy Breathe have met!  Allow us to introduce Fidel DeHaro IV,  a 36 year old man from Monteray Park, California. As implied from his name, Fidel represents the 4th ...

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New Study Links Obstructive Sleep Apnea And Maternal Deaths

Once upon a time, the scientific community had the strange belief that a woman’s uterus was a sentient creature that moved throughout her body – causing problems like breathing difficulties and insanity. The medical community also believed that sleep apnea didn’t exist in women. However, ...

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Super Bowl Champion Aaron Taylor Tackles Sleep Apnea

In football, the offensive guard’s job is to act like a shield to protect the quarterback against the charging linebackers on the defensive line. That’s like trying to stop a charge of stampeding bulls, which is why the guard has to not only be strong, ...

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CPAP Mask Buying Tips: Top 3 Most Popular CPAP Masks

If you’ve gone shopping for CPAP masks recently, you’ve probably realized one thing: there are a lot of masks out there. No matter if you are a newbie CPAP user or a pro, shopping for a new mask can be intimidating – much more intimidating ...

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