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NBA’s #1 Pick Anthony Bennett Struggles With Sleep Apnea

Most people are familiar with the medical conditions that professional athletes leave the sport with – concussions, sprains, broken bones, back pain, depression – but many are not familiar with the conditions that athletes enter the sport with. One of the biggest conditions is sleep ...

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Study: Sleep Apnea Increases Motor Vehicle Collisions

With the millions of drowsy and overtired sleep apnea sufferers behind the wheel, not since before the invention of the traffic light in 1868 has driving on the road been so dangerous. If you find yourself spending more time in the driver’s seat of a ...

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CPAP Study: Can CPAP Therapy Save Your Marriage?

Most marriage vows promise that a loving couple be together in sickness, in health, and through that miserable vacation in the Adirondacks – at least that is the idealist’s point of view.  However, some paths in life lead us down more darkened corridors. In 1995, ...

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Easy Breathe U. Texas SkinIt Release Causes Longhorns Win?

You may find it strange that right around the same time that we released our new UT Longhorns CPAP Logo Skin, which features the classic Longhorns logo, Texas defeated Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry, which took many by complete surprise. Last year, Oklahoma basically ...

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Top 10 Historical Figures with Sleep Apnea

The history of sleep apnea is just as fascinating as the historical figures that have had this strange and mysterious somnambulant malady. While there are no mentions of sleep apnea, or any sleep disorders for that matter, in the Old Testament or the New Testament, ...

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CPAP Study: CPAP Will Help You Get An Erection

Morning wood – ever think you’d miss it? If you are one of the eighteen million Americans with sleep apnea, there is a good chance you might be missing it right now. Sleep apnea, which comes from the ancient Greek word for “want of breath,” ...

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Top 12 Celebrities with Sleep Apnea

They make us laugh and sometimes cry – they inspire us, they lift us up, they make us look at our own life and they make us want to be just like them. They have that impossible cool, that impossible suave and that impossible glamour. ...

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CPAP New Heavyweight Champion of Sleep Apnea Treatment

In honor of Sleep Apnea Awareness Week – which runs throughout the first week of October every year and is a little bit like Hanukkah for sleep scientists (eight sleepless nights anybody?) – the American College of Physicians released new guidelines for the treatment of ...

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CPAP Mask Problems – Tips to Avoid 10 Common Problems

When you suffer from sleep apnea, putting on your CPAP mask before you go to bed can sometimes feel like you are getting ready for a complicated mission to outer space. However, it doesn’t have to be. Even though CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, ...

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