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Do I Need a CPAP Humidifier?

One of the biggest questions that new CPAP users have is whether heated humidification will be an effective supplement in treating their obstructive sleep apnea. If you are among the 75% of patients receiving non-humidified CPAP treatment that experience varying degrees of dry, congested, and/or ...

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CPAP History – An Aussie Doctor and a Vacuum Cleaner

  The evolution of the CPAP machine bears some vague resemblance to the evolution of the millions of human lives it would end up saving – in the beginning it was loud and grunting and over time became much quieter and more civilized. Before 1980 ...

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Sleep Apnea Symptoms: 10 Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea

The Center for Disease Control is calling insufficient sleep a public health epidemic. A huge portion of this mass sleeplessness can be blamed on society – too many television stations, too many smartphones, too many late nights in front of the blue glow of a ...

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CPAP Aerophagia? – 7 Solutions to Alleviate Bloating

No, aerophagia is not a new store that sells expensive, designer jeans. Nor is it a new fragrance that promises an unmistakable attraction to the opposite sex. Have you ever experienced an excessive belching fit? Have you ever just started uncontrollably burping really loudly? How ...

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CPAP Study: CPAP Reduces Migraine Intensity and Burden

Doctors and medical professionals still don’t really know what causes migraines, but the general consensus among migraine sufferers is that they really, really suck. Ask anyone who gets migraines (they can also be chronic) and that person will tell you that it basically feels like ...

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Quattro Air CPAP Mask System – Product Review

There is nothing better than lighter and sleeker, especially when it comes to something you wear on your face night after night. When it comes to CPAP masks, technology has certainly advanced, but it seems that innovative product design has always lagged slightly behind. Masks ...

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